In today’s digital age, data is valuable. Organizations that have invested in information technology solutions to streamline operations, increase efficiencies and deliver new services are now confronting the need to securely manage and govern data, and the related risks and compliances.

And organizations are increasingly turning to Chief Information Security Officers (CSOs) to manage their information security issues, and provide strategic advice to the top management on managing risk and information governance.

NextCSO is India’s first, and only, program that recognizes the potential of experienced technology & business executives to take on the responsibility of leading the information security function. The awards program draws on the support and involvement of India’s top executives and leaders involved in risk management and information security to select 30 exceptional individuals who have skills, talent and motivation to take on the top job .

The NextCSO 2018 award winners will be selected through a rigorous and comprehensive process that will evaluate professional achievements, management and leadership skills that are essential to fulfilling the challenging role of a CISO. The awards process invites aspirants to self-nominate themselves for selection, and all applicants will be required to undertake a series of activities to evaluate management and leadership skills.

The final selection will be made by a prestigious committee of information security leaders (the NextCSO jury). The NextCSO awards program will culminate in a gala ceremony in July 2018, where each winner will be felicitated with a trophy and citation.

Important Dates
Application Launch (Open) 1st February
Application Closes 4th March
Interview 6th March – 3rd April
Final Result 19th April
NEXTCSO Awards 25th – 26th May

Terms And Conditions
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